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Moisture Enhanced Prill Sulphur

Moisture Enhanced Prill Sulphur is environmentally friendly and safe to handle.  If you require low/no dust sulphur to handle, then this product will meet your needs and comes in a variety of particle sizes and bagged product sizes.

We supply:

  • Standard Prilled Sulphur
  • Superfine Sulphur
  • Microfine Sulphur

Standard Sulphur Characteristics

loose: 1,070 kg/cubic metre
agitated: 1,125 kg/cubic metre

Pastille Sulphur

Ideally suited to applications that require moisture free pure sulphur.  Our Pastille Sulphur is screened to ensure uniform product size and no dust.  This product is also suitable for burning to produce sulphur dioxide for pH Control of water streams.

Pastille Sulphur Characteristics

loose: 1,060 kg/cubic metre
agitated: 1,250 kg/cubic metre

24 t Molten Sulphur Tank Containers

Molten Sulphur

We store and load molten sulphur at our Statutory Calibrated Weighbridge into road containers, for deliver via road or rail. We can load up to 20 tonnes which can be dispatched in under 45 minutes.

Molten Sulphur Characteristics

Pastille Sulphur Bentonite

For fertiliser application, Sulphur Bentonite meets your cropping needs by ensuring that microscopic particles of Sulphur are formed in the moist soil thereby allowing maximum absorption of elemental Sulphur by the plant.

Sulphur Bentonite Characteristics

loose: 1,121 kglm3
agitated: 1,250 kglm3