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Super S (Sulphur/Urea)

Fully Imported
Tan colour pastilles
75% sulphur, 25% urea (75% S, 11%N).

Product Specifications

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Super S (11-0-0-75)

Super S, 11-0-0-75 uses proprietary Shell Thiogro technology to produce a unique fertiliser in which micronised elemental sulphur is evenly dispersed through a urea matrix in each granule. This unique formulation offers a plant-available sulphur formulation that is able to meet the crops immediate and season-long needs, whilst also providing avaluable source of nitrogen.

The distinct advantages are:

  • Immediate and Season-Long Plant availability
  • Low salt index, allowing seed row application
  • Less dust and very durable pastille
  • Flexible application (Spread, Seed Row and Side Band)
  • Low leaching (low, soluble sulphate sulphur)

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Flexible application

Low salt index allows for seed row, side band, mid row band & broadcast application

High Nutrient content-efficient application

Low High nutrient content allows for efficient seeding operations. At 15lbs/acre of actual S, a MT of Super S will cover 110 acres

Low Moisture content-less caking

Low moisture content results in minimal to no caking even in humid conditions

Immediate & Season Long Plant Availability

Elemental sulphur breaks down within 2 weeks and then continues over the life of the crop

Environmentallly Friendly

Reduced risk of leaching and runoff

Uniform product size

Uniform product size allows for even nutrient distribution and optional blending

Strong impact resistance

Higher shatter resistance than traditional Sulphur results in less dust during handling

Product Details

Fully Imported

Tan colour pastilles

75% sulphur,
25% urea
(75% S, 11%N)

Uses & Applications

  • Fertiliser
  • Soil Amendments
Super S

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