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Molten Sulphur

Stock Line
Yellow – Brown viscous liquid loaded at 135 degrees Celsius.
Melting point 113 degrees Celsius.

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Molten Sulphur (Product Code: MS)

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Author: R. Aston Issued: 21 April 2009
Approved by: R. Aston Supercedes: 16 February 2009
Doc. Name: Product Specification Molten Sulphur

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Test Unit Limit
Chemical Description Refined Elemental Sulphur
Colour and appearance Yellow – Brown Viscous Liquid
Melting Point  113 – 119 C
Boiling Point % mass 444 – 446 C
Purity of Sulphur % mass 99.7 % minimum
Carbon % mass 0.2 % maximum
Ash % mass 0.1 % maximum


  1. Molten Sulphur is loaded at the Devco site at 138 °C. The Molten Sulphur temperature when delivered to the customer is less then 138 °C depending on the time taken to deliver the molten sulphur.
  2. Testing frequency and reporting requirements to be agreed with customer.
  3. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for safe handling information.

Product Details


Yellow – Brown Viscous Liquid


Refined Elemental Sulphur


113 – 119 C


Stock Line

Uses & Applications

  • Mineral Refining
  • Inorganic Chemicals
  • Detergent Manufacture
Molten Sulphur

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